Why should I support the Nexus Hackathon?

1st. Working on a meaningful challenge leading to sustainable development in cities - show you care!

2nd. Access to top technical talent from the leading munich universities

3rd. Co-create new insights and gather different perspectives that can contribute to existing projects

Potential forms of engagement:

  • Keynote speech. You have something to say that inspires students to work through the hackathon and potentially continue further.

  • Track co-creation: Together with us, you'll create a challenge that fits the topic. The students will come up with insights, new perspectives and solutions-

  • Sponsorship of the event: You truly care for our mission, bringing digital innovation methods to the university, and would like to support our initiative through personnel or monetary support. We're always looking for coaches, pitch-trainers or experts who are willing to contribute.

contact us: mail@tum-nexus.de

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